Mergers and Acquisitions I actually care about..

I rail against monopolies and lose sleep imagining a world where all my consumer products are frmo Proctor and Gamble, and all my news comes from Newscorp. But there is a possibility that these green guys being gobbled up by big guys have the power to affect change from within. After all, if they weren’t good at rakin’ in the greenbacks, the big guys wouldn’t have bought them. And it’s hard to grow a green company from nothing to a lot without knowing how to do it right, which is a transferable skill.

Article here:

interesting graphs here:

OK, now I simply must get off my ass and go watch the Tarheels decimate the dorks from dook!

But first, a moment of silence for all the poor, underprivileged Americans who don’t live anywhere near a Whole Foods or a Wild Oats. I kinda doubt that the vast expanse of emptiness between stores is populated by a billion mom & pop health food stores. No wonder so many Americans are dying of obesity.


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