Summer Job, and a weekend in NYC

So it looks like I won’t have to roam the wilds of Sub-Saharan Africa all summer on my vibrating wedgie, I mean, my Husqvarna. I’ve taken a job as a sustainability consultant at a local enterprise. This will save me a ton of money, in moving expenses and rent and possibly help me win the big jackpot of in-state tuition. It means I can’t dally in South Africa like I wanted to, but we’ll wrap up 3 weeks before school starts, so that’s August somewhere fun and exotic.

I went to NYC this weekend and tortured myself by not bringing any flat shoes. I’m pissed that my feet have gone all soft and lost the callouses I spent years forming. the balls of my feet hurt so much I had to stop and get a foot massage in Chinatown. In my search for a pair of comfortable shoes that I’d be caught dead in on the streets of NYC, I got dragged into the shop of a designer I don’t like, and wound up leaving with a very sassy pair of patent leather headmistress-with-a-whip schoolmarm shoes. They’re so vicious. And were actually more comfortable than my everyday Patsy Cline booties, at least for the first mile. Then they conspired to cripple me. I started to think back to all the sprained ankles I had my first year in college, walking all over London in goth girl stillettos after driving everywhere in high school. I think it may have had something to with trying to find ways to tolerate the pressure on the balls of my feet and thus contorting my ankles into walking in ways they’d never intended.

Best Susanna moment of the weekend (admittedly, this was before coffee or breakfast): There I was on the corner of Elizabeth and Spring, looking up at the billboard on a building I’ve long been intrigued by. Hmmm, $6,7abunchafreakin’zeros.. Wow, that’s actually in my post-MBA salary range of affordability. wow. here in Nolita? and they’re only dividing up that giant building into 3 units? wait a minute, something’s not right here. A building in Nolita. 3 giant condos. in my price range? Oh wait. That’s $6.7million, not $670,000. Jeesh, what’s one zero? I’m sure the developer would be more than happy to drop a lil’ ol zero for me!

But the real story is: I got to see the most awesomest version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ever!!! Forget about Terence Howard, it’s all about Anika Noni Rose who kicked ass as Maggie, the star of the show. James Earl Jones and Phylicia Rashad were excellent too.


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