An awesome weekend…continued

On the local tip, there was a lot of fun to do this weekend. Friday night was Asia Night, a food and performance extravaganza put on by our Asian classmates. The performances were awesome, and it was so great to see my classmates doing creative stuff. Here’s the only video up so far, it’s the intro.

The following night was the MBA prom, which is different than high school prom in that the girls (now grown women) didn’t feel obligated to have a date, (although plenty of single guys seemed to materialize a date for the night) and we got to watch the game. Because it was held during a march madness b-ball game, we made sure to have it at a place with TV’s this year. We had a giant projection screen at the bar and a couple TV’s and it was so much fun to watch the game while eating delicious food and chatting with my friends.

Afterwards, Ebony and I went to an awesome party in Durham where there were plenty of very attractive men. The problem was, only the really short ones wanted to dance with me. bleh. Maybe next time I’ll wear a t-shirt that says “Go climb another tree.” There’s plenty of other things I’ll compromise on, but not (ok, this commercial for male enhancement just came on. Why don’t they use that same technology for head-toe height?)

OK, so it was a fun weekend, even though it was cold and wet, I had to go to school for 2, yes two, group meetings today (Sunday), and the dress I tried to throw together in time for prom (in <6hours) didn't come out quite the way I'd planned. The meetings were actually both fun and productive, and the dress will give me something to work on in short bursts, now that it's mostly done and needs some burst of genius to make it amazing. And I'll undoubtedly have some other event to wear it to. Plus I got to see the cliff hanger Dr. Who episode I'd missed because Time Warner Cable should die a miserably painful death. 🙂

oh, and to top it all off, I found a way to get my ass to yoga class. With 5 minutes to go, coming up with excuses on top of excuses to not go, I thought the thought that always drives me to the right decision: "which would you regret more, going or not going?" So I went. And it was great. I need to use that more often.


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