Dreaming of South Africa

Just so I don’t forget, I have to write it down. Last night I dreamt I was in South Africa, in Cape Town I assumed because it was on the coast. The water was so still, and so blue, but somewhat distant, beyond some industrial ports and stuff. But that wasn’t the beginning. It starts out at a friend of a friend’s house where I’m staying. It’s like pictures of Greece, all white and smooth. I check the place out, am happy to see they have a real toilet (it’s a humble home) and enough beds for most of us. But no, before that, I was parking my bus out front, and the guy who was our host told me to move it, but not where to, so I parked in back. This was so the guys who lived in their bus in the spot out front could park for the night.

I then went inside and man, there were some weird critters. They had these bugs that were more like those jelly octopus toys, brightly colored and slithering around on stuff. Including my stuff. But when I’d try to pick it off my stuff, it would lose a piece of a tentacle, which was kinda gross. the guy said they were harmless, and seemed to live comfortably with them, so I tried to as well. More people arrived, as the work day ended and they made their way home, and it turned out a LOT of people lived here, as one might expect in a humble home in Cape Town. Our host was a tall white guy with a shaved head, and he was cool, and there were some black girls who lived there too.

But then this one roommate came home and he was stunning. Really tall, with long, super curly blondish hair, fun surfer type. He was a cook at the local market. (I watch too much Anthony Bourdain) He changed out of his work clothes, into what he planned to wear that night. It was awesome! It was this grey herringbone suit, with a 40’s style cut, short jacket with a waistband, very feminine, but big, with a really unique pattern to the herringbone. And well, it was a skirt suit. He was showing me that he thought it was a bit too big, and swung his hips to make the skirt swirl, and I agreed that it was too flippy for a men’s suit. but it was cute. To be funny, he arched his back, then I could see he was wearing a red ladies thong. Interesting.

Somehow the house was connected to University Mall, or some mall just like it, and I wound up there, looking for people for awhile. It was annoying, but I wound up meeting up with my brothers, and that was nice. Then I was out front again, and looking toward the water. I saw a bus stop and let a white couple off. They were clearly headed to the beach, and all lovey-dovey. A vendor handed them a beach mat, and almost immediately after, some ran right between them and snatched it. They looked dismayed and frightened, but didn’t leave.

Anyway, suffice to say, now I am finally getting excited about going to South Africa next month. I’ve been so caught up in this fashion show I’m merchandising at school, (hence the fashion and mall stuff) and dreaming (awake) of Barcelona next SPRING, I haven’t had time to think about South Africa. But dreaming about it made it feel more real.


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