Brezny sez:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): A reader from Fiji is encouraging me to pay a
visit. “Fiji is heaven on earth,” she says. “You’ll be ecstatic here.” While I
have no doubt that’s true, it’s hard for me to imagine being any more
ecstatic than I am when I travel to Hawaii. It, too, has resemblances to
paradise. And the plane flight there takes five hours less and is $600
cheaper than the jaunt to Fiji. Do I really need a more heavenly heaven on
earth than, say, Waimoku Falls Trail in Maui? I expect you’re facing a
metaphorically similar situation, Aries. The question you may want to ask
yourself is this: Should you pine and aim for a state beyond perfection, or
will mere perfection serve you just as well?

wow. so now I’m being called out for being a perfectionist? Just when I recently re-read that long-forgotten passage about how much more pleasant life is when I focus on what I like about people instead of what I don’t like about them? Jeesh.


One comment

  1. Dude
    did I miss something? you’re goin to Hawaii? who is going to help me pack for monte carlo!?!!?! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


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