South Africa is Awesome!

Been too busy to write. more later….

Here’s a bunch of MBA students relaxing after a hard day of learning about doing business in South Africa. This was at one of the many great restaurants in Cape Town which we visited. Our days have been jam-packed with activities…

Monday: We arrive in Cape Town after a ridiculous amount of time spent on airplanes. My 14 hour leg went fairly quickly, as I had a very interesting seat mate, and couldn’t stretch out to sleep anyway. She’s with a group of Master’s students too, only they all work in the defense industry and were on their way to study post-conflict recovery areas. It was fascinating, and at the same time kinda frightening.

This picture was taken at Cubana, a really fun restaurant/lounge/nightclub down the street from our hotel. It was quite a scene, and a bit of a sports bar for women, as the tv’s were all showing Fashion TV. South Africa is big on fashion and has its own vibrant fashion industry which I’m doing my best to support! I found this really cool store/label- “Democratic Republic” that’s all made in Cape Town, and really cool, high-quality stuff. There’s even a chain of Fashion TV nightclubs, like how ESPN has ESPNZone. More about that later.


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