Company Visits

Our first company visit was Pik n Pay, which is about as popular here as Wal MArt is in the states, and much nicer. We had a presentation from the founders’ daughter, who drove their recent re-branding, and told us all about the great things they’re doing for the community and the environment. If only Wal-Mart would help disadvantaged entrepreneurs build their businesses and therefore create more ownership and employment, then they’d be as cool as Pik n Pay. Afterwards, Ariyah, Chanel, Tom and I went to the one in the mall nearby and were really impressed. Here’s Ariyah greeting the manager.

The next day, after another morning of classes, and a fun brainstorming session with some up-and-coming entrepreneurs, we visited Investec, a swanky investment bank. I liked it because they don’t orchestrate mergers & acquisitions, which means they’re not evil, like so many other i-banks. Also their patio has a great view of the highway to nowhere.


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