too busy livin’ it to talk about it?

Or just not particularly inspired? I did track days 2 weekends in a row, which was AWESOME!!! Then went for a wonderful night ride on Friday with a new friend. That was exciting, especially trying to keep my eyes on the road instead of the fireflies. I love Fireflies. Then Saturday I got to dance to Prince AND Michael Jackson ALL night! OK, well, only until the DJ finally played “Lil’ red corvette” around 1:30 so I could finally go home and sleep.

This coming weekend is Squidfest 2008,aka the R1/R6 convention at Deal’s Gap. Hundreds of lunatics on the fastest sportbikes made will descend on the twistiest, most treacherous stretch of road in the US. I can’t wait! Then 4th of July in NYC, which I miss so bad I kinda want to run up there the weekend before too. Very tempting. But extravagant.


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