real estate

OK, time to get on it. Get my eyes on the prize. For awhile now, I’ve been covering up the ugly formica cabinets here with pictures of prettier places. But now that I must blog about them, here’s the first one. It’s from a recent Anthropologie catalog. Sure, the furniture is gorgeous, but what I need is the room. That is one awesome room.



  1. Yeah, that room is awesome.
    I’ve lived in a place like that, and it was the most awesome space ever. 2000 square feet unbroken, in an L shape. We called it The Hangar.


  2. Anthropolgie is a particular kind of evil … I don’t know how it is possible for me to LOVE everything in their store. I have major impulses to redesign my life around their catalogs. It’s sad. πŸ˜€
    oh yeah, the room ROCKS! Luv the windows!


      • when I’m rich!
        yea… that is definitely part of the ‘evil’ I was referring to
        everything is so freaking pricey!
        I mean, wth? Is it really a good thing that I feel I’ve gotten a ~steal~ when I find a t-shirt on sale for ~$40?


  3. What’s your guess on what city that room is located in? The fancy gold painted mouldings has me thinking somewhere in the South, but I’m clueless when it comes to this stuff.


    • well the gold walls are installed in the brick warehouse, so the building could really be anywhere they build big brick warehouse type buildings. The catalog had a lot of other fascinating rooms, that were clearly in museum-like old-ass buildings in Europe.


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