The sage speaks again…

Brezny is always on the money.

ARIES (March 21-April 19):

“Your next assignment is to inject more fun into your job — or into anything that feels like work, for that matter. You’ve got a head start because lately you’ve been playing harder than usual.”

True, I just came off a fabulous 2 week vacation in the Golden State. During which I rode 3 motorcycles (not all at once, of course) and while I don’t think I played as hard as all that, I certainly did indulge myself. I also realized that I can’t even pretend or imagine or remotely conceive of staying in NC after school. I miss living in CA soooo much. Nothing like a ride from SF to LA on a kick-ass sportbike to confirm that CA is the greatest state in the union.

“That should give you creative momentum as you reinvent your approach to activities that push you to your limits and test your resolve. For best results, be open to the possibility that you really don’t have to keep being bored and cranky in places where you’ve assumed you will always be bored and cranky.”

or, more importantly, don’t assume I’ll be bored and cranky just because someone’s paying me to be somewhere? ;-P


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