How many YSL stilettos does it take to cancel out a down payment?

Home! I need a home! For real. home is so much more important than these shoes. but is it really? I mean really really? Of course it is! Oh, how I yearn for the smell of wood burning in the fireplace, the joy of gutting and redecorating, the bliss of floating face up in the pool alone under a starry night. Arrrgh. If only I knew what city I was going to live in, It would be so much easier to resist these fleeting temptations. Especially considering my #1 choice is getting cheaper by the minute. I’ll be able to buy all of Silver Lake by the time I graduate if this keeps up. LA, baby, LA. NYC is much better to visit while LA is much better to live in. I have my city choices narrowed down and prioritized, but I need to get on some things first to make sure I get the job I want, which will of course determine where I must live. And of course wherever it is it will be a place I can ride to work in these boots, and all the other shoes worth blogging about.


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  1. update
    grrrrr. Still $599 at the YSL outlet. Are they kidding? Do they actually think they can charge that much in this economy? Well. OK then. So that’s $599 I get to keep for my down payment.


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