Baby Zebra Fireblade

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Baby Zebra Fireblade, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

this is one bad-ass 125! If it weren’t for the awesome Rossi replica 125 Yamaha I’m gonna buy, (pic forthcoming, I shot it with my phone), I’d even consider moving to the dark side. I simply adore black and white.

It’s been torture here. As much as I love walking, and am so happy to finally be back in a city where I can walk and walk, every time a motorcycle zooms by my heart races after it. This is Motorcycle Country, so to not have one here is simply inconceivable! About as inconceivable to me and Britt as “female racers” are to the Spanish. I can’t wait till our first track day!

Tomorrow is orientation at school, so it’s the first day of what I came here to do. I’ve been having so much fun walking around, getting settled, etc. I was lucky enough to find a great apartment share on the 2nd try, pix of that are coming too.



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