I can wheelie!

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I can wheelie!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

So while I should be desperately seeking employment, I’m off in Southern Spain, doing my duty to help this hard-hit economy. 🙂 It’s what I do best, really. Britt and I went to MotoGP in Jerez, which was awesome except for the part about trying to drive a car in Arcos. More about that later. Here’s the only bike I got to ride in Jerez. But it was a fun ride. Betcha didn’t know I could do such sick wheelies, didja?

The races were awesome, the weather was fabulous, and we had entirely too much fun. I need to get over being such a perfectionist, though. Britt had to suffer through my moments of angst as I got lost repeatedly. I NEVER get lost. I can usually go somewhere once and find my way back a few weeks or even months later. But not Arcos de la Frontera. That pueblo kicked my ass.

Jerez was kinda dead, apparently they usually get way more than 120,000 people showing up to the race! Actually made me look forward to Laguna Seca even more, since I’ll be on MY bike! And since Cannery row is bound to be more lively than Jerez was this year. It was nothing like Valencia. But I suspect the real party was in the campgrounds at the track, and not in town.



  1. LOVE the picture!
    I got an email from Laguna Seca listing out all the great room packages for the weekend, VIP offers, and planned events. I am starting to get excited about it too. I am leaning towards actually being there for the race this year instead of my usual fri or sat track day and opting to watch race on tv…


    • you should TOTALLY be at the track on race day!! that’s the best day! You can still watch it on TV- either on the jumbotrons or one of the TV’s in one of the suites. 🙂


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