Barcelona- her good side

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The party begins!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

In the interest of balancing the ledger, I need to tell you what I liked about Barcelona, as there are some things I’ll definitely miss:

Circles instead of intersections. Absolute genius, and I wish there were more of these in the world.

Eating dinner at 11pm

2 wheels RULE the road. Scooters get more respect in Barcelona than any other vehicle. If only I could turn LA into the scooter town that Barcelona is…

Barca! Now I have a football (soccer to most of my friends) team to root for! This is the beginning of the street party that erupted after we won the last semi-final. More team spirit than even Carolina, blasphemous though that is.

Cute shops, funky architecture, awesome public transit, thriving arts scene, my awesome landlord in Raval, Mattia46 scooter rentals, the topography being so much like LA, especially from the mountains.

Most of all- the AWESOME drivers! Spanish people really know how to drive/ride, there’s a reason so many top racers come out of Spain.They drive fast and pay attention. I saw way more close calls and stupid moves in 9 days in Paris than I ever did the whole 4 months in Barcelona. Riding there was a dream.

I think there was something else, but I forgot it.


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