forever. too busy livin’ it…

but had to write about this. yes, I should first write about how awesome MotoGP was this year, but that can wait. I just went to the absolute coolest, funnest book launch party ever. Adam Werbach, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S, hosted a party at their world HQ here in SF, and I managed to wrangle me an invite. It was to celebrate the launch of his new book, Strategies for Sustainability. The evening went as follows:

6:00 pm Party starts with a special treat: Warren Hellman plays a couple of bluegrass songs and talks about the history of financial conmen.

Awesome guy, just put together a fascinating website which chronicles the exploits of convicted conmen (and women, but he said he’s had a hard time unearthing any, that either they don’t get caught, or just don’t get involved). Although I missed the bluegrass part.

7:00 pm "Cleanfest" — David Steuer (Saatchi S) in conversation with Adam Lowry (method), Jessica Buttimer (Clorox Green Works) and Michael Green (Center for Environmental Health).

Oh, Adam…words cannot describe the beauty that is Adam Lowry. Not only is he a genius chemist, he is also out to save us from our toxic cleaning chemicals. And in doing so has dragged the rest of the industry along with him. Which actually kinda pisses me off, cuz he’s lost a ton of shelf space at Target to his competitors. Especially upsetting because Method products are FAR superior in every way to everything else on the market. Better for the planet AND works better AND looks better? What more could a girl want? Oh, and he’s drop dead gorgeous. Too bad about the wife and kid…

7:45 pm I’ll share a few words and premiere The Profitron 3,000 (a two minute infomercial tribute to Billy Mays by creatives at Saatchi NY).

Excellent ad, very funny. no idea if it’s available on the internet.

8:00 pm "Bottom Up/Top Down Change" — Greg Dalton from Commonwealth Club in conversation with Nancy McFadden (PG&E), Michael Shellenberger (Breakthrough) and Dave Douglas (Sun).

8:30 pm "Mainstreaming Sustainability" — Joel Makower of in conversation with Steve Bishop (IDEO), Jeff Mendelsohn (New Leaf Paper) and Cari Jacobs (Saatchi S).

I was busy schmoozing by this point, so I missed both of those. But I did manage to get involved in the next bit, even testing my supposedly off the charts rythm memory by doing a bit of drumming with the band. They were nice enough to change rythm with me as I am in no way consistent. 🙂

9:00 pm Obafemi Origunwa (Saatchi S) interactive drumming on the topic of cultural sustainability.

9:30 pm Fire Dancers outside on York Street.

The perfect way to end any party! Get everyone out into the street for something incredibly cool (pix & vid coming…) and then send us home content in the knowledge that we truly live in one of the greatest cities in the world. SaatchiS rocks for giving us one of those truly San Francisco experiences.


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