well I was gonna get some work done tonight… two articles I need to write for Green Options. Riveting, exciting, world-changing articles. But the fabulousness that is LA has held me in her thrall too late, and now I want only to sleep. Did I tell you how much I love LA? Well, I do. LA kicks every city’s ass. Although I don’t think I could live here without my motorcycle. It must suck to sit in a car all day.

My weekend began with a Friday afternoon at Oxfam America’s Sisters on The Planet event, courtesy of my new boss at Opportunity Green. The event honored women who are leaders in helping us with this whole climate change mess. Met some very interesting women kicking ass for the planet. More about that when I write it up. Djimon Hounsou was there, but since I already fawned over him once and got the cold shoulder, I left him alone. Next, I met a bunch of friends to watch Zombieland at the Chinese theater. It was very meta when they passed by the very same theater in the film. We clapped in glee, knowing that we live in a city so great people think they can be safe from zombies here. πŸ™‚

Then I got some rest, got up early to meet up with friends and go to the Alt Car expo in Santa Monica. A schlep if there ever was one, but worthwhile. I’d love to see the rest of LA embrace sustainability the way Santa Monica has. Even the convention center food they were serving was veg and delish.

Then home to relax for a minute and get some shit done. Then off to downtown to rehearse and prepare for the show. Then to the Hive, coming out of retirement to perform with Zombies Without Borders. Then a stroll 5 blocks uptown (which is more like 20 blocks uptown if you’re in NYC) to get back on my bike and ride home to wash the zombie stench off and go to Bootie LA. To listen to music, as by then I could barely stand, I was so tired.

Woke up early enough to meet Wade for breakfast then ride to the rock store to watch world superbike, 250 & MotoGP back to back. It was 4 solid hours of racing heaven. If only the MotoGP racing was as exciting as the SBK racing…Teased Nathaniel mercilessly about pitching his bike down a hill, because he was in shape to laugh about it. caught up with Britt and generally had a good time. Had a little too much fun racing some guy on an R6 down 101, and we actually got pulled over together. Lucky for us, we weren’t even going that fast when the cop saw us, but he did see him speed up to get in front of me and warn me. He let us go with a warning. That warning being that Glendale has one of the worst crash rates in the country. Very nice, being pulled over by a fellow biker with mercy, even though he was stuck in a cage all day (not a bike cop). Then I let Kevin follow me to the grocery store, where we chatted while I shopped.

Then dropped by a friend’s picnic in Hollywood, then to Machine Project to check the status of last night’s bite victim. still not a zombie, I guess being bit by a fake zombie is safe. aren’t you glad you know? And, enjoyed some really bizarre choral music by Killsonic, the likes of which I’ve not heard before. Then dinner at Brite Spot and now I’m supposed to just sit here and do something that can actually bring me fame and fortune? I’m too busy having fun with all the fun people I love!

on that topic, I neglected to mention how I know I need to focus. Keep my eyes on the prize, as it were. Here’s some sage advice from Barry Schwartz, via Derek Sivers, a man living my dream:

Most good decisions involve these steps:
1. Figure out your goals
2. Evaluate the importance of each goal
3. Array the options
4. Evaluate how likely each of the options is to meet your goals
5. Pick the winning option
6. Later, use the consequences of your choice to modify your goals, the importance you assign them, and the way you evaluate future possibilities.



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