Day in the Life…

They made me wear this goofball helmet. To ride indoors.

Or rather, days. Just to clarify, here’s what I’ve been up to…

22 Fly to Madrid
23 Arrive Madrid, Drive to Albacete with Francesco
24 Abacete TTXGP Race, then massive dinner party to celebrate the end of a wonderful first season.
25 Watch Domi and Sofuoglu practice at Albacete, Drive to BCN
26 BCN
27 BCN
28 BCN
29 BCN
30 BCN
31 BCN
1 Fly to Milan, work from Hotel (rainy and it’s a holiday)
2 Roam the halls of EICMA, meet everyone, fabulous dinner with the hoi polloi of EICMA sponsored by my FAVORITE (for real) tire company- Pirelli.
3 Roam streets of Milan, Return to BCN
5 Ride train to Valencia MotoGP
6 Valencia MotoGP Practice
7 Valencia MotoGP Race Day
8 Valencia MotoGP Testing
9 Valencia MotoGP Testing
10 Return to LA via 24 hr layover in Zurich potentially involving electric karts…

You may wonder what exactly I’m doing all those days in Barcelona. Well, when I’m not sleeping on the sofa of one of my wonderful friends, I’ve been building this site on WordPress, to migrate it completely from iMac & LiveJournal. Usually from one of my favorite restaurants with wifi- Dos Trece, Sandwich & Friends (El Born) or Creps De Barcelona where I ate almost daily, despite their complete lack of wifi. Best.crepes.ever. I’ve also done a fair bit of walking around, and some actual work on projects entirely too too to mention here. Suffice to say, great things are afoot…


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