Quit whining about the price of gas

You know what? I’m sick and tired of the (insanely profitable) oil industry running/destroying the world. But more than that, I’m sick of hearing you whine about it. What are you DOING about it?

How about instead of whining about the price of gas, you all do something about it? The only way to bring the price down is to reduce demand. Daily. So walk. Ride a bicycle. Ride a scooter or efficient motorcycle. Buy an electric vehicle. A hybrid. A super efficient gas car. ANYTHING. But quit fucking whining about the price of gas, especially if you’re driving a (mostly empty) truck or SUV.

Maybe you weren’t alive in the 70’s, but once upon a time, we all switched from gas guzzlers to economy cars. I remember what a nightmare it was squeezing a family of 5 TALL people into a Toyota Celica for church on Sunday. But it sure beat the hell out of the old Plymouth station wagon on fuel efficiency.

Yes, I own an SUV. I drive it maybe once a month. If ZipCar were closer to me and cheaper, I’d probably sell it. I live in a part of the world where it almost never rains, and in a very walkable neighborhood (downtown LA). Also I don’t have to ferret children around from place to place, so I have the luxury of being able to commute via motorcycle. Granted, I chose a motorcycle that gets only 3mpg more than my SUV (17/20). This is insanely inefficient, but then, it’s the Lamborghini of motorcycles and I ride it as such.

What’s funny is that the 2009 model (Yamaha R1), which I bought because I felt like it, has real time and average fuel efficiency gauges. So I could modify my riding to be more efficient. But why? I could also have bought a damn moped. I know that gas is the price I pay for having a high-performance vehicle (that and speeding tickets) and I accept these unpleasantries. I chose this vehicle. So I happily pay more for gas because I could just as well have chosen a slower, more efficient vehicle. And so could you.

From Europe, I’m hearing all this nonsense about lowering speed limits to conserve gas. Yes, we did that here in the US in the 70’s. Supposedly it helped. But it also helped states earn a lot of money dishing out speeding tickets, and still does. Back then, EV technology was still not ready for prime time. Now it is. We have mass-production EV’s and hybrids that are more than adequate for the driving most of us do. So if a country or state is going to lower the speed limit “to save gas”, then EV’s, hybrids, hell, perhaps all vehicles getting more than 50mpg, should be allowed to go as fast as they damn well please. If I’m paying a premium to help American end its dependency on blood oil, I should be allowed to drive/ride as fast as I want.

Yes, the price of oil affects all areas of our oil-based lifestyles. think about other choices you can make to reduce your need for oil. Perhaps shopping at the farmer’s market for locally-grown produce, buying locally-made clothes instead of clothes shipped halfway across the planet, buying clothes made from recycled polyester (known as rPet, made from old plastic instead of crude oil). What else can you do to reduce your indirect oil consumption?

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