Dreaming of Mecca, aka The Isle of Man TT

Thanks Kevin Rothwell for capturing the photo most like my dream, and sharing it!

Photo courtesy Kevin Rothwell via Creative Commons License


This morning I had the best dream- I was at the Isle of Man TT, which I’m finally going to in 2012. The only downside of the dream is I was also preparing my next project for the class I’m currently teaching on garment construction. But when I wasn’t doing that…


In the dream, there was also a MotoGP paddock, as if the TT were back on the schedule. Somehow I had access to Colin Edwards’ bike. Somehow I knew that if I disconnected the CPU, the bike would run solely on electric power. So I did, then later returned to Colin’s garage and rode off. I wasn’t even dressed to ride, and of course the streets were open to all traffic. But the bike was FAST and so much fun. I careened through the crowded streets and in my dream I was really in some mall (of course), so parts of my short laps were through a clothing store. It was pandemonium but the crowd loved it (as TT fans would). I loved showing them that a GP bike could be fast and fun even without gas. I did 3 “laps” around this little city block, then rode around some real streets.

But somehow I was in London, I think because my subconscious has no concept of Douglas, IOM, so pasted in some memories of London, like the school where I first studied fashion. My hotel was on that street, Marlyebone St. I passed a Jamaican music shop, and wanted to stop and chat with the beautiful men. But I was riding, so that was more important. I turned onto a bigger street and saw what looked like a Lamborghini flip over as the driver tried to change lanes too quickly. It was a freakish accident and everyone was ok, giggling nervously. My friend George was riding with me now, and they asked us to be witnesses.


George was looking at the girl’s ID and telling her he was sure she was on drugs based on her pictures, and having just flipped a Lambo so easily. I gave her my contact info, and we rode off. Somehow I  returned the bike to Colin’s garage with nobody noticing, waited forever for the funky old elevator at my hotel, and discovered that the elevator had a stunning view above the 5th floor, being outside the building there. I stopped it and noticed the roof had sturdy rails all around and was the perfect place to watch the race! Motorcyclists were careening by on multiple streets below, enjoying the open streets of the track while they could. I went on the roof, and watched them for some time. It was so beautiful. There are so many more details, like the bizarre grading method another pattern teacher at the hotel showed me, the odd circular lawn in the square by our hotel, the guy who took pix of me as I started riding Colin’s bike, which was actually a bicycle too, as I was struggling with the pedals for some reason. But mostly it was the hive of activity, almost all on motorcycles, pulsating below me as I stood on that rooftop…I hope the hotel I’ve booked has half as good a view.


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