Why there are more bicycles in LA than motorcycles

I was really shocked when I saw this GOOD infographic, which states that 0.9% of LA commuters go via bicycle, and so few commute via motorcycle that we’re lumped in with “other”. But when I looked around, I realized I do indeed see way more bicycles on the streets of LA than motorcycles. And now I’m becoming one of the 0.9%. I got a new bike on Black Friday, a Fuji Absolute hybrid. I call her Miss Absolute. It’s immensely more comfortable and faster than the vintage bike I was on before.

So I’ve been riding a bit more. I’d be riding a lot more if it weren’t for all this coldness. It’s not as cold as riding the motorcycle, but it’s a bit harder to get the muscles moving on a cold dark weeknight. But really, my poor motorcycle is being neglected. I can easily ride the bicycle to work every day now, and am starting to do just that. It’s so neat to see how my endurance is improving. So now that it’s easier and more comfortable than it used to be, I keep choosing the bicycle over the motorcycle for short trips. There are also so many other benefits, it’s no wonder more Angelenos ride bicycles than motorcycles…


  • are zero-emissions
  • come with a nice endorphin rush
  • which gets me to work in a good mood
  • burn calories
  • build strength & stamina
  • cost almost nothing to maintain
  • don’t get speeding tickets!


But I still love my motorcycle, it’s just too easy to get speeding tickets. And it needs oil changes and GAS. Lots and lots of gas. The other day I stopped for a light (yes, I stop at red lights on my bicycle) next to a mom and her two daughters. The youngest one was sucking on an asthma inhaler like it was her last chance for life. It was so heartbreaking. I live in downtown LA and ride through Pico-Union, a low-income neighborhood near the intersection of the 110 & 10 freeways. The children growing up in these neighborhoods have much higher incidence of Asthma than children growing up further away from freeways. Every time someone chooses to ride their bicycle (or EV) instead of their gas-powered vehicle, they’re improving their own health as well as their neighbor’s health. No spinning class will do that!


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