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I’ve decided I should start posting the articles I get paid to write, since I neglect this blog so much. Sure, you can always click on the link to the right and down, but this is easier for you. 😉 I had the privilege of attending a fireside chat with Elon Musk… (sans fire. hopefully we’ll be able to chat by the fire at Burning Man someday…) It was a great event, and it was great to see him again. I just wish we could get him on a motorcycle. The electric motorcycle industry would REALLY take off then! And he’d discover LA traffic isn’t so bad after all. 😉

PandoDaily’s Fireside Chat with Elon Musk

Tonight in Los Angeles, Pando Daily‘s Sarah Lacy interviewed Elon Musk on entrepreneurship at Cross Campus, a coworking space in Santa Monica. The conversation was great, and it was especially interesting to hear him talk about how different his risk tolerance is than Peter Thiel’s. Peter is one of the other “PayPal Mafia”, and while Elon put his $180 million into starting a few companies- $100 million on a rocket company he was sure would never make a dime, $70 million on an electric car company, and $10 million a residential solar panel installation company, Thiel chose the safer route of Venture Capital.

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