I Went To Bicycle Heaven And All I Got Were These Stickers

My bike emits butterflies!!! Stickers from http://rydesafe.com/
My bike emits butterflies!!! Reflective stickers from RydeSafe

When my friend Jenny said “I’d like to visit Portland for my birthday” I said “Let’s go!” I’d only been once before for the Net Impact Conference, and had a great time. Since then I’d gotten deeper into pedal-powered bikes, so I wanted to explore the country’s Bicycling Capital. We made a stab at getting bikes from friends, but wound up just renting these single speed hooptie city bikes. They were painfully slow, geared to handle most riding for most people, so we didn’t really get much of a workout. But we rode all over Portland for a few days! It was rad.

I was hoping it would be my re-entry into cycling, as I’ve been slow to get back on the pedal bike now that I’ve recovered from one injury after another. Pedaling in LA is terrifying. I feel like it’s all-out war all the time. Whereas on my motorcycle, at least I have a high-powered weapon with serious maneuvering capabilities, the bicycle is only as fast as my weak new cycling legs can take it. And motorists respect you based on how large of a threat you pose to them. So an 18-wheeler gets a lot more respect than a girl on a pink bicycle.


Since returning, I’ve done a little Sunday ride around the (peaceful residential) neighborhood, and rode a whopping 3 miles to therapy. Where I addressed my PTSD. That was nice. Especially because I came upon another cyclist at my pace and we rode together for a couple of those miles. I’d ride my bicycle a lot more if I knew I had someone to ride with, because it’s just so much safer. And more fun.


Oh, and while I was in Portland, I also got the rare privilege to tour the MotoCzysz factory for Gas2. It was so rad. I am looking forward to watching Miller and Rutter annihilate the competition at the TT June 3rd. Watch it live here!!!!

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