What I Did Last Weekend Is Addictive and Dangerous

Marquez making history
Marquez making history

But I’d do it every weekend of the year if I could. I’d even do it on a higher level if I could. But I’m just not that fast. I’m fast enough to get to the racetrack in a reasonable amount of time, but can’t get around the track nearly as fast as the pros. So I watch them, and enjoy the show. Making it even more enjoyable, I write about what I see for Gas2 and when there’s no electric races to cover, RideApart. Or even Jalopnik. Sometimes I also write for CleanTechnica, like this piece about the rad solar farms I saw being built on my favorite back road en route to Laguna Seca.

Writing isn’t addictive, or dangerous (at least not in a free country), but racing. Oh how I love racing. Going as fast as I dare, watching even faster riders go as fast as they dare. There’s nothing like it. It’s the greatest adrenaline rush out there. Motorcycle or bicycle, as long as it’s only got 2 wheels, it’s made for racing.


This guy. He’s the guy who got a lot of us excited about motorcycle racing. But I recall a time when Carl Fogarty was the one getting us all excited. Foggy was never as handsome as Rossi, but still. MotoGP rose to prominence over World Superbike in large part due to Rossi’s talent and character. While other racers coming up through the ranks may be able to prove themselves as talented, they need to understand the importance of fan relations.

Rossi discussing The Pass
Rossi discussing The Pass


Rossi is never rude to his fans, even when exhausted and over it, he’s smiling and nodding like he’s actually listening to our praise. Rossi’s example should be followed off the track as closely as they follow it on-track. I’m counting the minutes till Indianapolis MotoGP where eRoadRacing will once again join them as a support race.


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