Yamaha Knows How To Treat Customers!

Enjoy this video of my booty working it around the track on Saturday…

The weekend of October 12th and 13th, Yamaha sponsored their annual Owners Appreciation Event at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. The track days were conducted by Zoom Zoom, and awesome as always. Zoom Zoom does a great job, and Yamaha kicks down some money to make it free (if you’ve got a newer Yamaha) or $100 for the rest of us. This is a brilliant strategy from a company that prides itself on making kick-ass sportbikes.

$100/day is a quarter of the cost of a typical track day at my favorite race track. It was so fun to be back out there, and on my big boy. The Refuel event was fun, but my Zero FX tops out at about 80mph, which makes for a very boring run up the front straight. I trained a little to try and build my strength, as I knew two days on the R1 at Laguna would be a serious workout. But it wasn’t enough, so my lazy ass could barely walk by the middle of the second day. So I packed it in early, as did quite a few others. Track days are a great way to appease the need for speed, and Laguna is my favorite track to ride. You can see pictures of me on-track at gotbluemilk.com

OK, so these guys weren’t there, they were kinda busy in Malaysia giving those Honda boys a run for their money…

Yamaha girls...
At the MotoGP race we could get our pic on Jorge’s M1, then got this nice card!

I’m seriously upset that SCRAMP mismanaged their way into losing MotoGP, so I won’t get to make the pilgrimage this year, and see all my friends. I think it still hasn’t quite hit me that it’s really happening, because I’m not as upset as I should be. Laguna Seca is a race I haven’t missed since 1997, when I started going to World Superbike there. We need to bring the series back to California AND have it in Austin and Indy. I know lots of women dig brave men with foreign accents. Well, MotoGP is full of them. If only we had the means to make Laguna Seca worthy of the series…


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