When Biker Chicks Drive Cars

In December, after 26 years of safely riding through intersections, I managed to finally get nabbed by one of the dreaded “Left-Turners”. Yes, it’s her fault. Yes, there’s things I could’ve done differently, including driving a car. Instead, I covered my favorite jackets in this rad reflective spray paint from Albedo 100. Hopefully that will do the trick, at least for night rides.


While I couldn’t ride (due to a broken wrist, luckily the worst of it), Fiat cut me loose on the streets of LA in a 2016 500e to see if it could be as fun around town as it is on the track. I’ve driven both manual & automatic 500s, and a broad range of other electric cars. None of them as fun as the Fiat 500e. And it’s not just one biker chick saying this, plenty of car guys agree too. Charged magazine has the most comprehensive story on the 500e here. Motorcyclists in California (and most of the world) are spoiled. We never have to sit patiently in traffic, we just “get in where we fit in.” I wanted to see if the Fiat was fun enough to enjoy without being able to lanesplit. I managed to squeeze it into some pretty tight spaces, making it fairly exciting. Rest of the story on Gas2…


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