Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

Stay masked up my friends! Upcycled dress by Ellerali Gorgeous mask by a brilliant local artist whose name escapes me.

Hola chicos y chicas! In December 2016, Shaq and I got into a tussle with a car on Hollywood Blvd. This resulted in a broken wrist, which required surgery. And having to sue the poor driver who turned left in front of me because we all know how terrible the “health” industry is in the US… Thanks to the talent of Brian Breiter’s law office, Golden State Bone and Joint, and of course, Hollywood Hands, plus me being unusually patient, the lawsuit was enough to get me the hell out of LA. Shortly after this crash, a friend admonished me for riding a motorcycle, giving me that “you should drive a car” BS. I told her “I’ve been trying to turn LA into Barcelona long enough. There’s no hope for this city. I’m just going to have to move to Barcelona.”

Took awhile, with a wonderful detour back home to help out the folks for a spell. Home is San Mateo, in the SF Bay Area. A region that used to be full of motorcyclists who ride on the daily. Now it’s worse than LA, both in traffic and in how few moot-commuters there are. Eventually the settlement was settled, so I began the process to emigrate to Spain. It’s not easy, but I’m so glad I did it. I arrived on January 21, just enough time to find a nice flat and get settled in for the lockdown, apparently.

I left my motorcycles back home, sold the R1, and dream of being able to bring my Zero FXS here one day. The thing is, Barcelona is much smaller than LA. So a bicycle is plenty of vehicle for this city, especially an electric bicycle. And there are so many scooter share companies, and bicing, I don’t even need to ride my own. The only bummer is my bicycle is HAWT. I mean, GORGEOUS. Forget about pimping a car (BTW, my #KARBOMBZ 2004 Toyota 4Runner is for sale),pimping a bicycle is so much fun! Except when you want to ride (and therefore park) it in a city with an obscenely high bicycle theft rate.

Barcelona is also a great city for walking, which I do a lot of. I really missed walking after so many years in California, the state that built the auto industry. I am looking forward to settling in here in Europe for the long haul. It breaks my heart to see how much worse the fires have gotten, to see how vulnerable my home state is to arsonists and idiots.

Thanks to the worst law ever written since California was stolen from Mexico, I am closing Sustainable Fashion LA and starting a new business in the same field here in Spain. More about that to be revealed… Feel free to subscribe and perhaps I’ll post more often than once or twice a year!


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