I miss Kobe

Yes, we all miss Kobe Bryant terribly. Especially his family. But I also miss my motorcycle named Kobe. See, Shaq was my 2013 Zero FXS, because he was a bundle of fun. Then he had to retire, and this 2018 Zero FXS took his place. So I named him Kobe, since they both went straight to the pros at 18. Here’s my review on CleanTechnica about this delightful urban warrior, the 2018 Zero FXS.

As much as I loved my 2013 Zero FXS, I’m impressed with the improvements Zero has been able to make each year, culminating in the 2018 Zero FXS. As batteries have gotten cheaper and more energy dense, Zero has been able to spend more money on components like brakes and suspension. So I traded Shaq for Kobe. Read the full review here. Someday I’ll have another electric motorcycle, and maybe someday I’ll trade Kobe to an owner in California who needs him more than I do. But it won’t be easy!


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