Who Is Pinkyracer?

Obsessed with Valentino Rossi

Wouldn’t you be too? I mean, look at him! Not only is he gorgeous, charismatic and tall (for a racer), he’s also the absolute most talented racer in the history of motorcycle racing. If it’s a sickness, I’m not looking for a cure.

Unless of course the cure happens to be named Ben Spies

A Track Day Junkie

Too slow to make it in club racing, I’ve retired to the track day circuit where I can go as slow or as fast as I please. There is no better feeling than pushing the limits of a 150+ hp bike in a safe environment! Or rather, pushing the limits of my own courage.

Convinced that Electric Motorcycles Will Save Us All

As a writer for Gas2.0, I have been covering races and product development in the electric motorcycle industry. I love TTXGP and truly believe it is the future of racing.


Working to Improve the Fashion Industry’s Impact

When I’m not darting through LA traffic or stalking racers, I’m working with fashion designers to help them figure out how to make clothes in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner. More about that over at Sustainable Fashion LA.


Riding to Work (or School) Since 1985

Seriously. I couldn’t live in LA if I had to sit in a car all day.

The streets of this great city are safer with me on two wheels.


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