My favorite nightclub

I won’t say which it is, as it’s getting awfully popular already. As a monthly, I get plenty of time to look forward to it, so love it more than the weekly ones that can so easily be taken for granted. Because it’s so “freestyle” I feel free to be me, unlike at other clubs, which are so genre-biased. Genre-fuck music is the best because not only does it ROCK, it draws such a wonderfully diverse crowd. In a city as woefully segregated as Los Angeles, it is truly blissful to see damn near all races, many different cultures, and gay, straight, etc, all shaking their booties together. Also unlike other LA clubs, everyone’s there to DANCE, not “be seen.”

“One nation under a groove” may be upon us, via the boundary-shattering music of mash-ups. I love it!

story behind the shoes


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