As a child, I was a very picky eater. Getting me to eat anything other than chocolate was always a terrible chore. So, like many American mothers, my mom would tell me, “Think of all the starving children in Africa!!!” As if guilt would work on me. It didn’t, but I have become very conscious of waste in my old age, especially here in Arusha where the starving children right outside the restaurant will fight over the leftovers we give them. It feels good to know I can finally leave some food on my plate without guilt, as there is always someone to give it to.

Today was labor day (International Worker’s Day) for the rest of the world (outside the US) and there was an excellent parade through the center of town. Didn’t take any pix, as adults just aren’t as cute as kids, and well, I was running late. It was fun walking in stride with the parade, though. Most shops are closed for the holiday, and I am growing weary of the lack of modern conveniences I have had all my life. So, today I’m a little cranky, but I’ll get over it. I might hit a meeting tonight, but will definitely go to one tomorrow night. I’ve been bucket showering the past 3 nights and line drying just doesn’t have the same effect in the rainy season. A bucket shower involves heating up some water on the stove, puring it into a large bucket, mixing it with cold water to temperature, then pouring it over your head with a smaller bucket. I’m not really enjoying it, and I sure hope the hot water spout is working when I get home, as I can’t keep this up. Friday night we’re going to a “Sending Off” party, which is like a bridal shower, then the next morning we’re off for Ngorongoro crater…


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