Ahhhh….Wifi in bed….

While discussing the possiblity of living in Tanzania with my fellow volunteers, I think the first reason I blurted out as to why I couldn’t, is that I need wifi in bed. So here I am, at the airport Paris Hilton in a very confortable bed indeed. Loving it. Spent the whole day on airplanes yesterday, but aside from donating my leatherman, scissors and Ducati screwdriver to Schipol airport, it went very smoothly. Got my own row on the big flight, so it was almost like having a private room. Even the kid in the row ahead was well-behaved, everything was hakuna matata. I spent the last day in Zanzibar (well, not the entire day, just a few hours of it) watching “The Lion King” on TV at my friends’ hotel room. I had never seen it, except of course in real life, but yeah, the Disney version was neat too.

I returned to Kilimanjaro airport to spend one night at the luxurious yet affordable (and only) airport hotel, Kia Lodge, so I could get my 9 am flight without hassle. It’s a really nice hotel, designed to look like a Maasai village, but with a swimming pool and bar and stuff like flushing toilets, glass windows, etc. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone planning a safari to any of the magnificent places near there, Mt. Kili, Mt. Meru, etc.

So today I head back to NYC, which should be fun if I can adjust to the time difference. I tried to stay up past midnight but couldn’t, as I’d been up since 5 am. My porter here at the Paris Hilton is from DRC and speaks swahili, so that was nice, after accidentally saying “asante” to everyone when I meant to say “merci”. Not sure if I should bum around the hotel, or try to hit the Marche aux puces (awesome flea market) which is kinda nearby…


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