Pit Bulls are the sweetest dogs ever.

I adore them. Especially rescued pits. No dog on the planet is sweeter, more grateful, or more loving. Not only are they cute as hell and puppies ’till the day they die, they possess other qualities I find irrestible. They are marginalized, mistunderstood, widely considered dangerous and mean. But they’re only as mean as the jerks who abuse them and raise them to fight.

When they’re raised with love, allowed to be normal dogs, pits are the sweetest, most loving dogs out there. Professional dog trainers even tout their exceptional trainability. Even the most hardened fighting dogs can, with proper training, be brought back to their inherent state of lovingness. Training is key, as is plenty of love. These dogs need so much love and attention, they’re like little babies. If their master’s not around enough, that’s when they go crazy.

I want one so bad it hurts. So bad I’d almost get mixed up with a human version. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea if it weren’t for his criminal record. I almost want to think I could train him, be the master he obeys. Normally I’m bored to death by subs, but the idea of taming a wild beast is awfully tempting. Especially when nobody else is knockin’ down my door…


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