ok, so it’s 2am and I’m exhausted, but I feel guilty because I’ve been neglecting my blog.

Tate modern- OMFG. I want to meet the curator and build him/her a shrine. I have not walked that slowly through a museum ever. So much modern art with meaning. Paintings with descriptions that told a story, not just this "untitled" or "square #6" bullshit. I was even disappointed by the Rothko exhibit after seeing the rest of the collection, because so what if you do interesting things with color and shapes. I want art with a story, dammit.

This one almost made me cry when I read the description: It has to do with the Middle Passage, and how some slaves who worked on ships eventually became captains/pirates.

The detail of her work was completely mind blowing. She layers paper and then linocuts it at an angle, puts some pieces together like those ornate inlay cabinets they used to make back in the day. Insanely labor intensive and so much more craftsmanship than some OCD thing of drawing a million straight lines on a wall in Beacon, NY, the home of a lot of OCD art. I also discovered another new favorite artist, Richard Beuys. He’s not new, but I guess I’d never seen his work before. Had a lovely dinner in their restaurant overlooking the Thames, and learned that "poached" means "soaked in booze" Who knew?

Other than that, I went to Camden market which is still punk mecca, as it will probably be forever, but some of the markets have been torn down and are being replaced by buildings. So it was ridiculously crowded. Found a store selling Goth Lolita clothes, with actual Japanese shop girls, so I knew it was the real deal. That was exciting, and I found a gorgeous top.

It’s bitterly cold here, weather man says 36 but feels like 27, and I must agree. Even without the wind it feels that cold. yuck. Wandered around Soho and such amazed at the fortitude of British women. There I am in 6 layers of clothing, covered head to toe, and these girls are in little dresses and strappy heels. Amazing.

This city is so breathtakingly awesome. So alive, thriving, more diverse than any city on earth, more to do, more exciting, more cool, more trendy, more fun-loving, more of everything. No wonder Barcelona disappoints me. No wonder I hated Paris the first few months I lived there. When you’ve lived in London, everywhere else is boring. I need to find me a job here. Although I’d be just as happy living in LA again, but it’s a totally different lifestyle there. And of course NYC is fab too, but their winters are even worse.

Here’s LaQueasha:

OK, must rest up for tomorrow, when I venture 7 miles outside of town to see what I came here for: 2009 model motorcycles and all the other fabulousness that is the bike show!


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  1. I love London. The first time I visited there, I came up out of the tube station, and was all, OMG THIS IS MY CITY!!!!
    Unfortunately, I just two months ago dumped my British boyfriend. Couldn’t make that work, no matter how I tried. No more visits, not moving there, like I thought in July.


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