New YSL Stillettos!

New YSL Stillettos!, originally uploaded by pinkyracer.

OK, so roughly 13 months after I first realized I couldn’t live without these shoes, I wound up buying them. Talk about restraint. No, they weren’t on sale. This style is too timeless, unfortunately. They repeated it this season, in a better texture (patent faux alligator) and well, I couldn’t resist Le Dianna’s evil influence and flattery. She refused to let me leave the store without buying them. At full price. While the dollar is weaker than it’s been in recent months. So wrong. But you see, the French economy needs my help.

Quel crise. 😉 But they’re gorgeous and someday I might even be able to walk in them. Or at least be carried around on a divan by 4 strapping hunks…. The ankle/foot is taking forever to get to 100% because I refuse to slow down. I’m walking slow, but walking like hours and hours through the fabulous streets of Paris. Life is too short to let opportunities pass me by. When I’m huddled in my parent’s basement brewing up my business or busting my ass working long hours at my fabulous new job that actually challenges me to think hard, I can recall these days of roaming & consuming as a wonderful last big hurrah. Imagine that, being paid to think for a living instead of just being paid to draw lines on paper. I can’t wait.

So I have essentially begun my life as a nomad, since finishing school in March, and it’s about to become even more nomadic as Thursday will be my last day with a home base in Barcelona. My home is where I make it. Or, materialist that I am, my home is in a storage unit in Durham, NC. Or, my home is where I’m from, since that’s where I’m headed unless I start doing some serious hustlin’.


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