Taking an LA Times Reporter for the Ride of Her Life

Pinkyracer caught on film Sunset Blvd blog

Recently, LA Times reporter Robin Abcarian contacted me through our mutual friend Arlene Batishill of GoGo Gear. She was looking for a motorcyclist to take her lanesplitting during rush hour traffic. As this was slated to be legalized (officially), she wanted to write an informed article on the subject. A true professional journalist! So refreshing.


It was so exciting to be invited to share my path with such a broad audience. Although I’m so sick of LA traffic these days it’s not even fun on the motorcycle anymore. Working in Vernon can do that to a person. I just wish I lived somewhere I could pedal to work without being surrounded by people who want me dead and could easily make that happen. I miss living and working in downtown LA, where I could just walk everywhere. We’d still live there if it hadn’t gotten so expensive. The traditional LA model of commuting has got to change. It is changing, as our metro rail system expands, bike infrastructure grows, and walkable neighborhoods like downtown LA (are there any others, truly?) come up.


Both Robert and I do our best to coax other Angelenos out of their cages and onto two wheels. So we were beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to do so for the venerable LA Times. Robin drove to our home and interviewed me, then we gave her a brief run-down on passenger etiquette.  Robert rode my bike, and Robin & I rode his Triumph Thruxton, because my 2013 Zero FX doesn’t carry passengers and my R1 is not a good bike for passengers.


You can read Robin’s take of the experience and see the video of us here.


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